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This is my first time at a spa. What can I expect?

   When you enter the spa, check-in at the reception desk. The spa coordinator will introduce you to the host/hostess who will escort you to the Locker Room to change into a robe and spa slippers.

   You will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire. This will allow the therapist to know a little about your medical background. Please note that all information is strictly confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of your treatment. Take a few moments to relax, unwind and breathe.

   When it's time for your service the host/hostess will escort you to your treatment room and introduce you to your specialist. The treatment specialist will leave the room and you will have an opportunity to disrobe and situate yourself on the treatment table under a sheet and blanket. Your body will be covered at all times during the treatment, with the exception of the part of your body the specialist is treating. This will be exposed briefly for treatment and then re-covered.The relaxing day begins.

Is there anything I should avoid prior to a spa treatment?

   We recommend that you refrain from eating within one hour prior to receiving massage or a body treatment. Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed before any spa treatment. We ask that you do not shave your legs within 24 hours of receiving a body treatment.

What should I expect during my massage? Will I be covered?

   You will be modestly draped with towels and sheets throughout your massage. However, if you feel more comfortable keeping minimal under garments on, that's fine. We want you to relax.

Is there someone to help me decide which treatments are best for me?

   Yes. A Spa Coordinator can help you plan a program to suit your needs and interests. Please make appointments well in advance of your visit to ensure availability.

What is paraffin and how will it benefit me?

   Paraffin is a wax. It is heated in a special pot and combined with oils. Paraffin treatments work splendidly on the hands and feet, allowing oils to penetrate into deeper skin layers, leaving hands and feet softer and luxuriously re-moisturized.

How long does my hair need to be for waxing to be most effective?

   In order for waxing to be most effective hair length should be 1/8 to 1/4 inches long depending on the thickness of the hair.

Senniyo Signature Packages

•  BusyBee'sTreat:
A) Mini Facial, Manicure & Pedicure — $70.00
B)  Essential Facial, Manicure & Pedicure — $85.00
C)  Gentleman's Facials, Manicure & Pedicure — $100.00

  A Day of Leisure:
A)  Essential Facial, Relaxing,Massage, Manicure & Pedicure —$140.00
B)  Essential Facial, Aromatherapy Massage, Manicure & Pedicure —$155.00

The Escape: $180.00
Hydradermie Facial, Aromatherapy Massage, Manicure &Pedicure
•  Pampering Treat: $200.00
Hydradermie Facial, Eye Logic Treatment, Relaxing Massage
•  The Ultimate: $230.00
Hydradermie Lift face and Eye Treatment, Relaxing Massage,  Manicure & Pedicure
•  Happy Face: $280.00
Collagene 90-ll Treatment, Eye Logic Treatment, Relaxing Massage,  Manicure & Happy Feet Spa Pedicure
•  Forever Young: $300.00
Botinol Treatment, Eye Logic Treatment, Relaxing Massage,  Manicure & Happy Feet Spa Pedicure
•  Precious Pearl (Teenage Package):
Teen Facial, Relaxing Massage, Manicure & Pedicure — $125.00


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